Sunday, January 5, 2014

The first post!

So, I have been wanting to blog about our new life in Boston - mostly as a way to keep connected with our family and friends we are now separated from.   But it also was a nice way to answer the somewhat common question..."WHY would you want to move to Boston?"  inevitably followed up with "But it's so cold!"So, even though we are at the dawn of 2014 (wow) and we have lived in Boston for 6 months, I am just now getting around to putting pen to paper (metaphorically of course) and starting. 

So here are a few shots of the start of our Boston life Chapter:

Here the kids and I are getting on the plane to join Daddy!

Reunited with Daddy!!  The kids REALLY missed Sean.  (I did too of course)

We immediately went to downtown Boston.  The kids put on the Texas souvenir t-shirts  we bought at the airport earlier that day.

 Did I mention the kids were happy to see Sean?

One of the first things we did was go to the beach!  Our favorite from Sean's grad school days was the beach in Ogunquit, Maine.

Besides having a nice and gradual slope into the ocean, it also has these awesome tide pools where one can find lots of good shells.  And creatures with miniature conch shells.  

Had lots of picnics in NH (where the lake house was)

 Drew lots of pictures

Celebrated Sean's 37th birthday!  The kids are REALLY into dressing up.  For just about any reason.
So Cute.  Like I can't get over their cuteness.  

We ate lots of ice cream

Watched many gorgeous sunsets while at the lake house in NH

Went hiking - this trip was about 800 miles round trip -it took us four hours and I learned that hiking makes my children hungry.  I didn't pack near enough snacks.   But it was a four hour long arduous hike (complete with an uphill of pure bouldering!) The kids were troopers and were rewarded with an awesome 200 foot tall waterfall.

These are the lower falls.   So pretty. 

 Ella enjoying the big waterfall

The big waterfall

 And last but not least, we bought a home.  It was a really tough process and housing market, but we are happy with where we settled. 

So, this wraps up our first summer in Boston!  And I am exhausted.  I will start the fall "catch up" next time.